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Top projection and interactive systems for every space.

EPAFOS is a premium partner of EPSON, the world's leading video projector manufacturer.

Our selection of projection systems offers a combination of style and functionality that is sure to meet your needs. All models feature:

  • High brightness: The most important feature of a projector. Only EPSON with 3LCD technology ensures that the nominal brightness is maintained in both black and white and color projection. (Color Light Output).
  • High Resolution: The detail of the projected image is determined by the resolution. We recommend top options with XGA 1024x768, WXGA 1280x800, WUXGA 1920x1200 and Full HD resolutions that will satisfy even the most discerning users.
  • Automatic keystone correction: This feature allows you to install the projector in various places without distorting the image.
  • Variety of connection ports from VGA and HDMI to wireless connectivity.

From our vast range of projection systems, EPAFOS is confident that we have the perfect model for every space and need.

1.099,90 € each EPSON EB-685wi
440,20 € each EPSON EB-E20
899,00 € each EPSON EB-FH52
1.159,40 € each EPSON EB-685W
2.095,60 € each EPSON EB - 725wi