EPAFOS has an autonomous department that provides specialised services either on demand or by contract.

Initial equipment installation/configuration/connections/networks/communications

We offer initial installation services (transfer, equipment connection, configuration, installation and configuration of active intranet/internet network equipment, etc.) in relation to work needed to ensure proper operation of computer equipment just acquired by the business or organisation, regardless of where it was procured from.

On Call Technical Support by contract or pre-purchase hours

Support services of all forms, including utilisation of ICT equipment. Services are provided subsequent to calls from customers, and EPAFOS engineers are always available to resolve problems within the agreed time frame. This category can also include equipment replacement services.  This service is provided either through the pre-purchase of technical support hours or by conclusion of a contract, usually of annual duration.

On-site presence of engineering personnel by permanent arrangement

This pertains to services provided under contract on an ongoing basis (e.g. regular presence of technical support persons on specific days or full-time on the customer's premises, or complete outsourcing of the company's computer systems, and so on). This service is an important service provided by EPAFOS, which enables the organisation or enterprise to make use EPAFOS engineers on a regular fixed basis. In this way, responsibility for good operation of computerised equipment is transferred to EPAFOS and the Company is able to continue operating seamlessly with much lower costs. 

Support and maintenance services

With the ever-increasing complexity of applications and IT systems, their full utilisation requires ongoing training for users and administrators. EPAFOS provides these services, either ad-hoc or with fixed time periods by prior agreement. 

Special contracts on demand

EPAFOS undertakes any project which may involve special organisational arrangements on a case-by-case basis:  Examples include staging and equipment preparation, transportation and delivery of equipment to multiple locations, project management services, data centre relocation services, and many more specialised types of project.


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