Infrastructure and Investments

EPAFOS has always been following a stable long-term strategy of investing in technical know-how, specialization, human resources and infrastructure by strategically improving its productivity and by initiating automation methods. These investments lead to the modernization of the company and meanwhile enhance its knowledge.

Our building consists of modern office spaces, all of which are equipped with the latest computer and telecommunications advances. The advanced CRM system of the company effectively monitors the management of customers’ relations and at the same time supports every action of EPAFOS.

Economic Sizes

All economic sizes reflect the dynamic character, the efficiency and the rapid development of the company. The fidelity of the customers and the continuous expansion of our customer base form especially positive financial results that are reflected in the Balance Sheets of our Company. They are characterized by a steadily increasing sales course, a timeless profitability and a satisfactory liquidity.

During difficult times of financial crisis, our company succeeded in preserving its profitability.  By implementing an expense control policy not only did it manage to maintain its workforce and their salaries, but also a zero lending rate.

Economic Indicators

The economical course of our company is positive, as there is an increase in all sizes and indices. Our company is self-funded and it does not have any debt obligations whatsoever. 

Total revenue 2.688.397 1.911.994 1.753.121 2.326.045 2.243.423,18
Total revenue 94.905 33.227 105.638 253.978 245.426,67
Number of Employees 41 39 37 45 45
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