We believe in technology and its power to improve life, including the way we work, the quality of our daily lives, and the world in general. For 30 years now, EPAFOS has followed a steady path towards development and has been able to offer an extensive range of services and solutions related to various technologies, and IT in particular. We continue to look with the same enthusiasm at all technological developments, and we strive to bring change and innovation into the hands of our public today.

EPAFOS was founded in 1987 with the aim of developing software and providing integrated computerised solutions based on cutting-edge technologies.

Initially, the company specialised in the creation of computer-based applications for educational organisations. In the belief that IT would be the vehicle by which the educational process could be radically upgraded in all respects (organisation, teaching, oversight), the company was able to move steadily forward on this basis to become the largest company operating in this area today. EPAFOS offers a range of integrated products designed to cover the complete needs of schools, ranging from the management of their respective operations to the education of students.

EPAFOS thus began to evolve from a company producing and supporting standardised software to a company able to supply integrated IT solutions, always in parallel with its traditional range of products. A large part of the activities of EPAFOS now involves design, building and support for software systems, as well as integration of complex IT and telecommunications systems for large-scale private and public sector organisations.

EPAFOS now covers a wide range of services, from the design of complex computer-based solutions and the installation of computer equipment to staff training, maintenance and support. By steadily investing in human resources and technical know-how, the company is continually seeking to improve its competitive position in Greek and international markets, implementing major IT projects, and building long-term cooperative relationships with its customers and partners.

The aim of EPAFOS is to respond promptly and effectively to all the computer-based needs that its customers may have. It is able to accomplish this by combining the following:

  • Development of software and services customised to meet each customer’s specific needs.
  • Ongoing development and upgrading of the company's products.
  • Investment in new technologies.
  • Staff training.
  • Establishment of strategic partnerships with companies in the sector.

With its highly-qualified personnel, specialist technical know-how, and a large customer base of installations in more than 12,000 businesses and organisations, as well as more than 350 major IT projects implemented in the private and public sector, EPAFOS is a consistently reliable partner supporting all your technological needs, able to offer you all the assurances and security guarantees you are looking for.

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