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Information systems for education

Those represent the EPAFOS' longest-standing activity since their inception in 1987. Even today, their importance for educational organizations has reached an all-time high due to the Covid-19 pandemic, making them an essential tool for success.

The EPAFOS team has developed integrated information systems to streamline the management and operations of educational organizations of all sizes.

From kindergartens to universities, from study centers to adult education programs, EPAFOS provides solutions, services, and products tailored to meet the needs, solve problems, and address any situation.

By leveraging modern cloud applications, EPAFOS makes it possible for all members of the educational organization's ecosystem - learners, parents, teachers, secretariat, administration, partners, and graduates - to access the tools they need to simplify operations and modernize the organization to meet the expectations of its stakeholders and reach their goals.

Indicatively, we mention the following software:
School Information System
Payroll & HR Management System
ASC Timetable
Automatic Timetable Creator
Information systems for education

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