Information systems for education

Information systems for education
Those represent the longest standing activity of EPAFOS, given that these were its first creations way back in 1987. They are constantly growing even today, with the importance of information systems for educational organisations reaching an unprecedented peak when the Covid pandemic made them indispensable.

EPAFOS has created integrated information systems for the management and operation of educational organisations of all types.

From kindergarten to university, from study centers to adult education organisations, EPAFOS offers solutions, services and products designed to meet every need, every problem and every circumstance.

Modern cloud applications made accessible to all members of the educational organisation ecosystem (learners, parents, teachers, secretariat, administration, partners, graduates) can simplify operations across the board, and are able to modernise educational organisations such that they can respond to the expectations of their stakeholders and achieve all of their respective goals.

Information systems for education

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