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Software Development

The company boasts extensive experience in database applications, expertise in web systems, and a deep understanding of modern RDBMS tools. An integral part of the production process takes place in open source environments, utilizing open source software and tools to ensure the highest quality of output.

EPAFOS specializes in the design and development of software of all kinds, from database applications to web systems and modern RDBMS tools.

We leverage open source software and tools to create high-quality programs and services that meet specialized business needs. Our Software Development Department is dedicated to the analysis, design, and development of IT systems using sophisticated methodologies and technologies.

We invest heavily in research and development to ensure our products are up-to-date with the latest technological developments. Our products are designed with:

  • ease of use, usability and user-friendliness of systems
  • ease of interoperability and exchange of data with other information systems
  • the interconnectivity of our applications and the creation of a unified management and operation environment
  • a built-in system of security and encryption of information for secure access over the internet and compatibility with GDPR requirements.

We are confident in our ability to quickly assess customer business needs and design software systems that provide reliable and efficient solutions. Our design process includes recording and analyzing requirements, formulating use scenarios, selecting the appropriate technologies, drafting analytical specifications and system control scenarios, implementation, application, and ongoing support.

Software Development

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