Help Desk

Help Desk
All customers of EPAFOS have access to the company’s independent support department, which offers help and support for all our products and services.

No computerised system, however complete and fully integrated it may be, will be able to continue operating successfully if it is not accompanied by high standard and ongoing support services. All of our staff here at EPAFOS are well aware of the importance of the need for support, which is our main concern not only in the integrated software solutions we provide, but also applies to all our activities: software development, integration, technical services, internet services.


EPAFOS guarantees the proper operation of its software systems and applications over time with new updates as well as the provision of support services, which include the following:

  • Continuous updating of the software with new versions that include software improvements, technological upgrades, changes imposed by law, changes or additions requested by users themselves, and changes deemed necessary by EPAFOS.
  • Technical support of customers to ensure smooth daily operation of software systems. The experienced staff at EPAFOS undertake technical support and the provision of solutions to problems or the queries of users, the installation of new software versions as well as the troubleshooting for any kind of problem related to the operation of IT systems.

Equipment & Infrastructure

The task of maintaining the information and telecommunications infrastructure of an organisation or a company in an optimal operating condition is a complex and laborious one. EPAFOS offers professional support services in all kinds of equipment and the company's fault reporting centre accepts calls and initiate the series of steps necessary to resolve it.

Support Department Operation

The user support department is in operation on all business days from 08:00 to 20:00. Our call centre (210-6990401) is  open during these hours to log the details of your call.

Naturally, it will not always be possible to service your needs at the time of your call. There are periods of time when demand exceeds the availability of our technical experts. Our commitment is however that our support department’s response time will be within no more than 8 business hours. This means that within the next few hours after your call, one of our expert technicians will contact you to discuss the details of the problem you are facing, and will try to provide you with the appropriate solution. For operational questions or routine issues (e.g. requesting an activation code), answers will be given during this call and, if the issue is resolved, the support ticket will be closed.

For problems identified as urgent (i.e. when something is not working properly and this is preventing you from working as usual) the Support Department is committed to providing a solution within the next 24 hours, providing that this is a business day. In most cases, of course, customer service will resolve the problem much sooner, particularly if the customer is facing an issue requiring a specific course of action.

Different response and resolution times will apply to customers who have signed specific support contracts.

Of course, support requests can be submitted to the company, not only by phone but also electronically via our fault reporting platforms or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For requests submitted in this fashion, the same response and resolution times for any given problem will apply.

Help Desk

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