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Corporate Social Responsibility

At EPAFOS, we are committed to operating in an exemplary manner, fully complying with the specific practices outlined by the Greek Corporate Governance Code (GCGC) for listed companies and against the backdrop of applicable legislation. We seek the continuous development and evolution of our human resources while concurrently enhancing local communities through support for social programs and initiatives that promote education, access to technology, and social equality. Simultaneously, we emphasize the reduction of our environmental footprint in our activities, using efficiently our resources, promoting recycling, and supporting the use of green technologies.

Our actions for Sustainable Development are based on the new ESG Strategy 2022-2025+ of the QUEST Group, the parent company of EPILOGUE, which is grounded in 4 pillars and consists of 10 goals aiming to create a more sustainable future for all.

To view the Corporate Responsibility Report of the QUEST Group for 2022, click on the link below:

QUEST Group Corporate Responsibility Report 2022

Corporate Social Responsibility