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Are you a Primary Education Principal?

Two unique books that will solve all your problems.

Primary School Principal in Crisis

EPAFOS' book, Principal in Crisis - Primary Education, is the perfect resource for any primary school teacher involved in school administration and the ideal guide to ace any relevant council interview.

Featuring over 150 case studies of the most pressing issues currently facing primary school principals, this book provides practical analysis in accordance with current legislation.

If you are already a principal, you will find practical solutions and fresh perspectives on issues you have encountered or may face in the future.

If you are preparing to apply for an executive education position, you will find concise, key answers to any questions you may be asked.

Primary Education Legislation Book

For over 17 years, the Primary Education Legislation Book has been the go-to practical guide for matters of legislation and school operations, trusted by thousands of principals and prospective principals. 

This concise guide is essential for school directors, supervisors, and teachers, as it provides the most important legislative provisions concerning the daily operations of the school. It also includes useful form templates and offers practical guidance on how to best handle everyday issues in the school. 

The book covers a wide range of topics, such as selection of flag bearers, referral to a qualifying examination, certificate of extracurricular use, issuance of a high school diploma, permission to freely enter museums, concession of school premises, destruction of material, acceptance of donations, tax withholding, and canteen operation. For each issue, the book outlines the necessary actions to take and provides the relevant template for printing.

Are you a Primary Education Principal?