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Terms of use

The website (hereafter referred to as the "Website") has been created by the company EPAFOS Information Systems Limited Liability Company (hereafter referred to as "EPAFOS") for the purpose of providing information, services, and products to visitors / users (hereafter referred to as "Users") of the Website. 

Users of the Website are obliged to carefully read these terms of use before using the Website and, in the event of disagreement, must refrain from using the Website. Otherwise, it is presumed that they accept these terms and conditions unconditionally and consent to comply with them. Users are prohibited from modifying or falsifying these terms of use or any specific terms of use. In the event that the use of any service of the Website is governed by more specific terms of use, the specific ones will apply jointly with the present. In the event of a conflict, the specific terms of use of each service shall prevail.

EPAFOS reserves the right, at any time, to temporarily interrupt the operation of the Website as well as modify the terms of use and conditions. Therefore, Users must check for possible changes each time they use the Website, as it is presumed that they accept the modified terms and conditions if they continue to use it. Otherwise, they must refrain from using the Website.


The entire content of the website, including but not limited to texts, graphics, information, data, blueprints, illustrations, trademarks, distinctive features, names, logos, product and service names, and company names, is the subject of intellectual and industrial property belonging to EPAFOS or its suppliers and partners. This content is governed by the applicable national, Community, and international provisions on Intellectual and Industrial Property, and is available to its users strictly for personal, non-commercial, or non-profit use.

Any unauthorized copying, reproduction, transfer, storage, processing, republication, transmission, distribution, sale, publication, execution, downloading, translation, modification, announcement, dissemination, or other use of the website content for commercial or other purposes, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited without the express prior written consent of EPAFOS.

EPAFOS reserves all of its legal and / or contractual rights beyond those expressly mentioned in this paragraph. All other trademarks, insignia, product names, company names, graphics, and logos that are registered trademarks and intellectual property products of third parties and appear on the website pages belong to their rightful owners, fall under their own sphere of responsibility, and their appearance on the website does not constitute and should not be construed as a transfer or assignment of a license or right to use them.


The EPAFOS website is not responsible for the content or services of any other websites whose hyperlinks or advertisements are posted on the website. We do not guarantee their availability and cannot be held liable for any damages that may arise from their use. Users access these websites at their own risk and must address any issues that arise with the respective websites.


If the users wish to subscribe to the website's services, they agree to:

  • provide accurate, valid, and complete information in the relevant applications for creating an account to access the website's contents and services,
  • maintain and regularly update their registration data to ensure it remains accurate, valid, up-to-date, and complete.

The user of the website is responsible for selecting and keeping confidential their personal codes, username, and password used on individual pages of the website. In the event of theft, loss, or unauthorized disclosure of the username and password used to access their account, the user is solely responsible. Furthermore, the user is responsible for the use of their account and must ensure they log out of their account at the end of each session, if and where this is applicable. 

EPAFOS makes every effort to ensure the website operates properly, however, they cannot guarantee uninterrupted and/or orderly operation. Therefore, EPAFOS is not liable for any damage caused to the visitors/users of the website related to the operation of the website. The visitor/user acknowledges that EPAFOS reserves the right to modify and/or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, all or part of the website due to communication networks, a large number of visitors/users trying to use the website simultaneously, or other random events or circumstances of force majeure. Consequently, EPAFOS is not liable for any kind of damage (positive, consequential, negligent, contractual or other) resulting from the inability to use the website in general.

The user is obliged to refrain from any illegal, unethical, unfair, and abusive use of the content and services of the website and must not take any action or omission that may cause damage or malfunction to it or to third parties, or affect or endanger the provision of EPAFOS services.

Indicatively and not restrictively, users agree that they will not use the website to:

  • cause any harm to any third party, adult or minor,
  • transmit or access content that violates any third party's rights or is illegal and unethical,
  • access, distribute, process, modify, or otherwise interfere with the personal data of other users or third parties, or
  • compromise the security of the website.

The users are solely responsible for their use of the website, as well as any potential damage caused to themselves or any third parties as a result. They are also obligated to fully compensate EPAFOS against any claims made by any third party due to the use of the website. In the event of any illegal or prohibited use of the website, the user is liable to compensate EPAFOS for any direct and/or indirect damages incurred. Furthermore, the user is solely responsible for any communication with third party service providers advertised on the website, as well as any commercial transactions that may arise from the relationship between them.


These terms and conditions are governed by the provisions of Greek Law, as applicable from time to time and interpreted in accordance with the principles of good faith, business ethics, and the economic and social purpose of the law. The invalidity of any single term shall not affect the validity of the other terms, but shall automatically become void.

Any failure to exercise a specific right or term by EPAFOS arising from these terms of use shall not be construed as a waiver of such right or term.

In the event of any dispute arising from these terms, the competent courts shall be the Courts of Athens.

Terms of use