Today’s classrooms in all types of schools have changed form. Digital technology constitutes now an integral part of every classroom. Tablets and Smart-devices are considered to be structural elements of the educational process.

However, the installation of such systems is not an easy task. Digital schools are NOT limited to the plain provision of tablets. Instead they aim at the installation of a structured system concerning the whole school and covering every aspect of the digital educational management by trainees, children and parents. Some of these systems are presented below:

EPAFOS has installed tens of thousands of systems in schools and has a unique experience and know-how.

  • Wireless cable infrastructure installation at a natural and logical level in the whole school. Safety organization.
  • Installation of projectors and interactive screens and connection between them and the systems of teachers and students.
  • Device Identification System
  • Device grouping (e.g. Tablets and smart devices of the class C2 of the C’ form of Lower Secondary School shall be recognized in classroom No.12, in the Computer Science Lab and in the School’s Library)
  • Digital school library organization
  • Organization of the private space of each student and teacher
  • Operation and behavior of all devices outside school (when students take them home) and synchronization (when they return to school; hence in the school network)
  • Locked environment of the tablets so that specific applications will operate. Limitation of the internet access in school and exclusion of unwanted context and websites.
  • Total device control by teachers for every IPad, Android or Windows environment. The teacher has the chance either to turn off all tablets, so that students will be focused on class, to shut down irrelevant programs that may be running or to run a new program in all tablets and transfer any type of screen to the students.

Our company can undertake the whole implementation process in your school from the infrastructure installation to the organization of the school educational materials and the teacher training. The solutions that we offer are modular and expanding, giving in that way the chance to cover not only a single classroom but also a big campus of many school complexes.

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