All EPAFOS products as well as the characteristics, the technical documentation, the probationary version and the upgrades including all possible additions and improvements in any application are presented below. You can also purchase online the product you are interested in.


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145,00 € each

Alpha - Beta alpha-vita

Alpha-beta is the complete software of our company for the computer coverage of Primary Education schools.

285,00 € each


Open architecture software for managing the activities of free-study workshops and related educational organizations.

495,00 € each


Special enhanced version of Lingua customized and designed exclusively for educational institutions in Cyprus

490,00 € each


EPAFOS IT Systems now offers you the most innovative portal for your educational organization.

195,00 € each

Net Control 2 NET_CONTROL_2

Net Control 2 is a classroom Management System-essential for every computer laboratory- that converts the teaching of every class and subject into a real game.

145,00 € each

Mentor product_22

MENTOR software is a software that helps teachers and school leaders to inform their students, about their future career.

145,00 € each


The correct library management of your educational institution thanks to a friendly and reliable application that communicates directly with any other EPAFOS’ application.

199,00 € each


Automatic creation of a Timetable especially for public schools at an affordable price. 

299,00 € each


Perfect scheduling

Simply enter your requirements, sit back and let our timetabling software evaluate over 5,000,000 possibilities to come up with a beautifully-balanced schedule that will not only meet your criteria but win the approval of your students and colleagues as well.

45,00 € each

CANDIDATE product_18

The software that gives direct answers to the questions of the candidates for the entrance examination.

2.900,00 € each

Gnomon gnomon

The GNOMON application is the backbone of a broader computing environment on a Client Server platform and a 3-tier architecture, that can be customized to the fullest extent to meet all the needs of a modern Higher / Higher Education Institution with many departments, either undergraduate or postgraduate.


730,00 € each


Value is a special module for the integrated financial management of Private Schools, Colleges and Free Study Centers.

285,00 € each

Vasi vasi

EPAFOS managing Program for Tuition Centers of Secondary Education.

145,00 € each

Legislation of Primary Education Greek Schools product_52

Primary education legislation. The necessary tool for the Directors of the Primary Schools and for all the Teachers and Workers in the field of Primary Education.

145,00 € each
20,00 € each

Mythware Mythware

A new Classroom Management Software for all Operating Systems: Ipad, Android, Windows, Linux and for each type of device: Fixed PC, laptop, tablet.

190,00 € each

eProtokolo product_131

Exclusively for Greek schools

39,00 € each

SSL certification SSL_security

SSL certification from trusted and certified Authorities.

58,87 € each

Combined Book Offer 2 (Crisis Manager, Good Director's Primary Manual) joined_sale_2_books

Buy the 2 books together with a 20% discount at the preferential price of 62,40 €.

58,87 € each

Book Combination 2 (Manager in Crisis, Manual of Good Director of Secondary) product_156

Buy the combination of these two books, with a 20% discount at the preferential price of 62,40 €.

63,40 € each

Combination Offer of 2 Books (Manager in Crisis, Good Manager's Manual EPAL) product_157

Buy the two books together with a 20% discount at the preferential price of 67,20 €.

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USB Token Safenet 5110 cc USB_Token

With the purchase we offer free of charge the unique services of EPAFOS, exclusively to schools for installation, operation, training in use and full exploitation.

540,00 € each
197,58 € each

EDUSound X1 edusoundx1

The Edusound X1 is out of stock, see the new product available, with better features!

Portable, wireless microphone.

Reliable, convenient, easy to use, economical.

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