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Perfect scheduling

Simply enter your requirements, sit back and let our timetabling software evaluate over 5,000,000 possibilities to come up with a beautifully-balanced schedule that will not only meet your criteria but win the approval of your students and colleagues as well.

Quick ‘n’ Easy

Although some teachers think ascTimetables have taken all the fun out of planning school schedules, most teachers agree that ascTimetables quick ‘n’ easy scheduling software is the answer to their timetabling prayers.

… just one more thing

Someone made a mistake? Got to do it all again? No worries. No need to count to ten – and hardly time to grab a coffee. The software automatically reschedules and accommodates for all changes in an instant. 


Once you’re satisfied with ascTimetables new schedule, print it out for each class, for each classroom, for each teacher, or even hand out personalized copies to individual students. You can customize fonts, layout, and logos – export to pdf, Excel or share online.


Dividing a class, odd and even weeks, Saturday school, optional courses... our scheduling software can handle them all. Tried, tested and in constant development around the world for nearly 20 years – no scheduling task is too complex for ascTimetables.

Features in a glance

Automatic Generation

Let the computer do the work for you

Manual adjustments

Once a schedule’s been generated you’re free to make any manual adjustments you like

Verifying the Schedule

Our algorithm quickly checks the schedule for any conflicts

Simple data entry

We’ve made the initial process as fast and easy as possible


Publish your schedule and make it available to teachers and students on their mobile devices

Data import

You probably already have most of the data in electronic form, so alll you have to do is import it


ascTimetables supports classrooms in multiple buildings and can optimize movement between buildings

Fully customizable

You can use the software out-of-the-box or customize its individual features to your liking


A useful tool for scheduling teacher substitutions, complete with notifications and printouts. Multiple users can plan substitutions/cover at the same time, at a moment’s notice

Region specific

Because ascTimetables is used in almost every country, it has been designed to meet regional requirements around the globe

ascTimetables Online

An online, web-based extension of the popular school scheduling application

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