All EPAFOS products as well as the characteristics, the technical documentation, the probationary version and the upgrades including all possible additions and improvements in any application are presented below. You can also purchase online the product you are interested in.


285,00 € each

Vasi vasi

EPAFOS managing Program for Tuition Centers of Secondary Education.

145,00 € each

Alpha - Beta alpha-vita

Alpha-beta is the complete software of our company for the computer coverage of Primary Education schools.

75,00 € each

Alpha-Beta KIDS product_abkids

Alpha-beta KIDS is a fully specialized computer system tailored to the operation of Greek Kindergartens.

245,00 € each

D-Vasi d-basi

Integrated management environment for all Secondary Schools.

245,00 € each

Lingua Lingua

A program specially designed for Foreign Languages ​​Centers. It is successfully being used from hundreds of users across Greece.

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4Schools 4Schools

The web platform for the efficient management of schools and educational institutions of all types.

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The leading, web environment for private primary and secondary schools operating according to the Greek Ministry of Education.

190,00 € each

Childware Childware

ChildWare is the ideal choice for more efficient organization of every Private Kindergarten and Public Kindergarten. Forget tabs, computations, controls, tests, mistakes, contradictions, endless searches, problems and go to another era.

99,00 € each

E-Vasi evasi

E-VASI is addressed to all Educational Organizations using the Lingua, BASIS, IRIS, D-BASI and Childware Information Systems.

245,00 € each


EasyPay is a complete and integrated payroll and human resources management system designed specifically for educational institutions.

285,00 € each


Open architecture software for managing the activities of free-study workshops and related educational organizations.

495,00 € each


Special enhanced version of Lingua customized and designed exclusively for educational institutions in Cyprus

730,00 € each


Value is a special module for the integrated financial management of Private Schools, Colleges and Free Study Centers.

2.900,00 € each

Gnomon gnomon

The GNOMON application is the backbone of a broader computing environment on a Client Server platform and a 3-tier architecture, that can be customized to the fullest extent to meet all the needs of a modern Higher / Higher Education Institution with many departments, either undergraduate or postgraduate.


45,00 € each

CANDIDATE product_18

The software that gives direct answers to the questions of the candidates for the entrance examination.

430,00 € each


An integrated Payroll application designed specifically for Private Schools, which is also under the supervision of the Greek Ministry of Education, which will be your valuable partner and will relieve you of the complex and time-consuming procedures that have hitherto been potentially troublesome to you.

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