All EPAFOS products as well as the characteristics, the technical documentation, the probationary version and the upgrades including all possible additions and improvements in any application are presented below. You can also purchase online the product you are interested in.


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99,00 € each

1-2-3 click 1-2-3click

Does the administration of your nursery school make you feel overwhelmed? We have the solution for you. "1-2-3 click" will be an electronic consultant especially designed for your nursery school.

36,79 € each

Book Director in Crisis product_34

Over 150 case studies on practical issues currently faced by the Director at Primary School. With practical analysis always in accordance with applicable law.  

36,79 € each

Book The Good Chief Kindergarten's Manual product_33

The "Good Bearer's Manual" is the leading guide to the proper functioning of the Kindergarten.

42,45 € each

Book The Good Director's Manual (EPAL) product_32

The "Handbook of the Good Director of EPAL" is a complete guide to the operation of Professional Schools (EPAL).

36,79 € each

Book The Manual of the Good Director of Secondary Education product_31

The book gives solutions to everyday problems of your work from the beginning of the school year to the Pan-Hellenic Examinations.

36,79 € each

Book The Manual of the Good Director of Primary Education product_30

The "Manual of the Good Director of Primary Education" is the ultimate guide to the proper functioning of the Primary School.

95,00 € each


The Revelation Natural Art software has been especially designed for children. It offers a wide range of tools suitable for painting and text editing. 

27,36 € each

Book "Rantevou me ta grammata" product_38

The book "Rantevou  me ta grammata" is addressed to the teaching staff of Kindergartens.

27,36 € each

Book "Meet the numbers" product_39

After the success of the first book of the series "Rantevou me ta grammata" we released our new book "Meet the numbers". It is an essential aid for every teacher especially in the nursery environment.

490,00 € each


A complete computerized system for the invoicing and the commercial management of advertisements as well as the submission of the advertisement tax.

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SManagement Plus is an integrated portal for Greek School Committees.

46,23 € each

Book Management of the School Committee product_41

EPAFOS, created the manual of the School Committee. It collects all laws and regulations and their respective implementation guidelines. It provides you with all the necessary information for the most efficient functioning of the school committee.

36,79 € each

Book "Meet the Gods" product_40

The book is addressed to Greek Kindergartens and is the third member of the very successful series of EPAFOS that also includes: “Rantevou me ta grammata” and “Meet the numbers".

65,00 € each


Software for Mathematics-especially designed for teaching purposes.

430,00 € each


An integrated Payroll application designed specifically for Private Schools, which is also under the supervision of the Greek Ministry of Education, which will be your valuable partner and will relieve you of the complex and time-consuming procedures that have hitherto been potentially troublesome to you.

245,00 € each


EasyPay is a complete and integrated payroll and human resources management system designed specifically for educational institutions.

99,00 € each

E-Vasi evasi

E-VASI is addressed to all Educational Organizations using the Lingua, BASIS, IRIS, D-BASI and Childware Information Systems.

190,00 € each

Childware Childware

ChildWare is the ideal choice for more efficient organization of every Private Kindergarten and Public Kindergarten. Forget tabs, computations, controls, tests, mistakes, contradictions, endless searches, problems and go to another era.

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The leading, web environment for private primary and secondary schools operating according to the Greek Ministry of Education.

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4Schools 4Schools

The web platform for the efficient management of schools and educational institutions of all types.

245,00 € each

Lingua Lingua

A program specially designed for Foreign Languages ​​Centers. It is successfully being used from hundreds of users across Greece.

245,00 € each

D-Vasi d-basi

Integrated management environment for all Secondary Schools.

75,00 € each

Alpha-Beta KIDS product_abkids

Alpha-beta KIDS is a fully specialized computer system tailored to the operation of Greek Kindergartens.

145,00 € each

Alpha - Beta alpha-vita

Alpha-beta is the complete software of our company for the computer coverage of Primary Education schools.

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