Many teachers of special and general education as well as special educational staff, assistants, students and parents of children with special needs attended the meeting.

Educational programs that were implemented in almost every district of the country, from Thrace to Crete, in all educational levels and in every type of special education institute and educational structure were presented thoroughly. Some of the topics discussed include the following: early interventions, emotional and social development of students with disabilities, the role of art for educational purposes in the case of students with disabilities, the education of charismatic children, physical education and outdoor education.

Special emphasis was placed on the utilization of new technologies, such as media social stories, programs in ipads, digital gaming, interactive boards and concept mapping software as means of educational interventions in children with autism, mental impairments and ADHD.

The EPAFOS Company presented the potential of the complete 4teachers internet environment designed for Greek special educators who are willing to make a difference!

The 4teachers platform is the first internet platform for Greek educators of every grade and category. It offers to teachers, professors, early childhood educators and instructors of any kind and type, the proper working environment and the tools that will help them respond not only to the needs of today’s digital school but also to the students’, parents’ and guardians’ expectations; These tools will mainly help them fulfil the social purpose of education.

  • Student data
  • Grades
  • Absences
  • Tests and exams
  • Students’ Follow-up
  • Progress Reports
  • Students’ performance comparisons
  • Statistical data concerning grades for classes of previous years
  • Syllabus planning and monitoring
  • Timetable
  • Educational material resources
  • Projects-tests, exams, pedagogical archives, materials deriving from other sources
  • Immediate email sending mechanism informing about the student’s performance
  • Information for parents

These are only some of the thousand functions and tools of the 4teachers program that will satisfy even the most demanding educators.  By using this integrated, friendly and complete environment you will have your students in your pocket!


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