Application Development

EPAFOS undertakes any type of software design and development. Our company has a great experience as far as database applications in a WEB environment are concerned, as well as extensive know-how in every application development in visual environments (such as .NET) and programming languages that function in heterogeneous environments (such as Java). A great deal of the production process is conducted in environments, software and open source tools.

We believe that we can perceive promptly every business need of our customers and design Software Systems that offer reliable and efficient solutions. The system design includes the recording and analysis of the demands, the formation of the scenarios of use, the selection of the appropriate technologies for each case, the recording of the analytical specifications and the system control scenarios, the implementation and their continuous support.

Completion of Information Science Solutions

EPAFOS offers complete and high quality information science and communication solutions in educational units and in every modern business and organization. We are always based on reliable and tested information science products, which we compose and complete through the services we provide so that each customer will have the chance to enjoy solutions especially designed for his/her needs. For the implementation of these solutions we cooperate with leading information science companies in the field of equipment, as well as in the field of software.

The company with important know-how in the completion of business needs, processes and information technologies can offer innovative solutions and services, such as:

  • Provision/Sale of any type of Information Science and Telecommunications Equipment
  • Completion of System and Applications Software
  • Networking and Multimedia Communications
  • Information and Communication Systems Safety

At the same time - and within the above mentioned framework- the company offers:

  • Support Services (24x7x365)
  • Counseling Services of any type as far as Information Science and Telecommunications are concerned
  • Educational Services
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